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The Arkansas Assets Coalition started in 2000 after the Arkansas Individual Development Account (IDA) legislation was passed. Since then, we have focused on crafting successful IDA programs across Arkansas through technical assistance and capacity-building.

IDAs are special savings accounts that match the deposits of low- and moderate-income people. For every dollar saved in an IDA, savers receive a corresponding match which serves as both a reward and in incentive to further the saving habit. Savers agree to complete financial education classes and use their savings for an asset-building purpose – typically for post-secondary education or job training, home purchase, or to capitalize a small business. In addition to earning match dollars, savers learn about budgeting, saving and receive additional training before purchasing an asset. IDAs make it possible for individuals to financial assets.

Our members are dedicated to the idea that assets are as important as income in moving up and out of poverty. We welcome you to our site and hope to see you again soon!

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